Meet Our Team

Dr. Louis F. Carfagno CEO

Dr. Louis F. Carfagno served in the Air Force supporting our nation. He was responsible for top-secret missions and provided time sensitive data to the Pentagon and the White House. His primary role was to keep America safe from global threats.    

Dr. Lou also served in an HR capacity for the Space Program ensuring safe travel for the Astronauts to the International Space Station and beyond! In oil and gas he was directly responsible for global HR functions for the second largest oil service company in the world.   

Dr. Lou is also a lecturer who teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in an Executive MBA program. His areas of expertise include the Principles of Management, Human Behavior in Business, Leadership Strategies, Organizational Behaviors, Business Strategy and Policy, and Managerial Decision Making. He is also a subject matter expert in the NASA Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Programs.    

With over 25 years of HR experience, Dr. Lou keeps your business goals in mind. He  applies in-depth knowledge of people, processes and procedures to deliver only the highest-qualified results. Simply put, he is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by taking care of the things that could be distracting you from the bigger picture. Dr. Lou does this by helping you control expenses, minimize risk exposure and maximize your opportunities for revenue generation.   

Meet Our Security Expert

Lt. Don Savell Security Director

Dr. Don Savell has over 30 years of law enforcement experience. He began his career with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in February of 1987. He attended the Basic Peace Officer’s class B1-89 at the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy and graduated in March of 1989. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Church Business Administration from Southwestern University in May 1995, a Master’s Degree in Practical Theology from Southwestern University in May 2002 and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University in December 2005. Don holds a Master Peace Officer Certificate, as well as a TCLEOSE Instructor’s License.   

Dr. Savell is also an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in criminal justice. He assesses organizations for security, loss prevention, criminal investigations, risk assessments, and more. Give Dr. Don a chance to show you the true value of security and protection for your organization. He has your back!