Hiring Done Right!

Hire Character. Train Skill.

 We’ve all been warned at length about the cost of a bad hire, and that cost is more than just monetary. A bad hire can put a strain on a team, affecting those around them in a ripple effect. One subpar employee can throw an entire department into disarray. Team members invest their own time into training someone who has no future with the company. Most of your dollar values will reflect costs like sourcing, recruiting, hiring and lost productivity, which all affect the company as a whole. It is obvious that arming your organization with an HR and recruiting professional can prevent costly bad hires while yielding a powerful return on investment. The cost of poor hiring practices is extremely high, no matter how big or small the organization is. Plus, we know you’re busy, so leave the hiring to us!   

The E&M Group has over 20 years experience acquiring the right talent for the right positions! Our expert knowledge includes:   

  • Pre-screening to eliminate candidates who do not meet the basic requirements of the position. 
  • Using a preliminary assessment tool to screen those who have the desired level of skills and competencies for the job. 
  • Performing an in-depth assessment through interviews and job simulations to select candidates with the highest potential for job success. 
  • Verifying candidates' stated employment record and qualifications.
  • Ensure the candidates are a good fit for your culture.    

So let the E&M Group help you get the “right person on your bus”! Contact us today for a no-obligation evaluation of your hiring needs!