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Employee Development

Training teaches employees how to meet your organization’s expectations and gives them a platform for improving current knowledge; it can provide a sense of stability. In the absence of training, employees become unsure of what’s expected of them and may end up doing their work tasks inefficiently. Misunderstandings may ensue because employees aren't clear about the requirements. With confusion comes frustration, as employees become increasingly uncertain about their role in the company. And with frustration comes conflict, as employees can argue with each other or defy management because of improper training. The cost of poor training is extremely high. Plus, we sometimes don’t see the true value or have the time to implement a training program. So that is why you hire us!   

The E&M Group has over 30 years experience providing quality training that creates engaged employees.  Creating a trained workforce includes:   

  • Create confidant and competent employees.  
  • Identify a clear business goal that the training supports. 
  • Incorporate the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, & Evaluation) process.  
  • Determine the tasks your employees need to perform so your organization can reach your goals. 
  • Determine the training activities that will help your workers learn to perform their tasks. 
  • Determine the learning characteristics of your employees that will make the training more effective.   

So let the E&M Group help you train “your most valuable asset”! Contact us today for a no-obligation evaluation of your training needs!