When It's Time to Go

Offboarding Made Easy

Unfortunately, a vast majority of companies still handle employee offboarding through error-prone manual processes, raising audit flags and increasing risk exposure. It sounds simple and should be common sense, but businesses need offboarding processes just as much as they need on-boarding processes.   

For most employees, there comes a point where the employee life cycle comes to an end. Employees may leave due to retirement, new employment, or for family or personal reasons. It’s important that your separation process is just as strategic as your onboarding process.   

In addition, when a team member leaves, it can affect other members of the team and it’s your manager or HR professionals’ job to make sure the employee who is exiting, leaves in a way that doesn’t disrupt the entire company. Saying good-bye can be hard but it doesn’t have to be if you create a solid action plan. This is where we can help!   

The E&M Group has over 20 years experience offboarding employees when the business decision requires it.  Our expert knowledge includes:   

  • Proactively communicate with the employee. 
  • Initiating offboarding process to manage departure logistics. 
  • Creating a smooth transition plan.
  • Saying goodbye with a smile. 
  • Managing the final departure details. Ensuring a smooth last day. 
  • Closing loose ends after departure.   

So let the E&M Group help you say good-bye with minimal disruption. Contact us today for a no-obligation evaluation!