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Employee Onboarding

What is your organization doing to maximize employee onboarding? New employees who go through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. The need for effective onboarding solutions is clear! Every year, more research reveals how valuable it is to start employees off on the right foot. Your organization's onboarding plan and processes play a critical role in employee retention. Is your organization onboarding employees effectively or onboarding them at all? Don’t be late to the game. Invest in onboarding today.   

The E&M Group has over 20 years experience onboarding the right talent. Our expert knowledge includes:   

  • Providing a warm welcome. 
  • Appointing the right mentor. 
  • Providing important documents. 
  • Ensuring all documentation is properly authorized.
  • Reviewing the expectations of the position.  
  • Introduction to your culture. 
  • Establishing a communication plan.
  • Preparing a personalized onboarding roadmap.    

Let the E&M Group help you establish the “3 Cs” (Comfort, Connection, & Culture) for increased productivity and faster assimilation. Contact us today for a no-obligation evaluation of your onboarding needs!